Our Partners


BRIDGE Housing Corporation is the largest nonprofit housing developer in California. BRIDGE has 30 years of real estate development, property management and asset/portfolio management experience. With over 415 employees, BRIDGE specializes in the development of family and senior apartments, rental and ownership homes, and an array of revitalization, transit-oriented, urban infill and mixed use/mixed-income developments.

Vincent Academy and BRIDGE partnered on construction of our school facility, directly across the street from BRIDGE’s Chestnut Linden Court apartments in West Oakland. Through this partnership, Vincent Academy and BRIDGE have an unprecedented opportunity to create a true “neighborhood of opportunity” in West Oakland — where families have quality affordable housing, children are academically successful, families can access support services and the community stabilizes and thrives.


Destiny Arts Center moves young people to peace using practical, teachable skills that stay with our students long after their time with Destiny. The curriculum was developed to give young people tools to combat preventable acts of violence such as bullying, gangs, physical or sexual assault, harassment and kidnapping.



Lincoln Child Center promotes the resiliency and success of children, youth and families impacted by trauma, poverty and other challenging socioeconomic circumstances, through coordinated mental health, education and family support services.