Our Approach

Vincent Academy offers a personalized program in an environment that is joyful, well maintained and, most significantly, conducive to learning.

Vincent Academy implements a program specifically designed to foster high expectations for all students. In explicit and implicit communications, students are given the message that it is effective effort that determines success. In interactions with students, school staff intentionally convey the sense that student learning is of the utmost importance and is deserving of great attention and care.

A small school with small class sizes ensures that each child can be known by several caring school adults and can receive the individualized attention needed to grow and develop optimally. Each student is viewed as a unique individual with particular learning needs and preferences.

A full-year program ensures that students are actively engaged and connected to their learning throughout the entire calendar year without the lengthy gaps where learning “slippage” can occur.  Vincent Academy is open 11 hours per day, with extended hours in the morning before school and in the evening after the day program has concluded, thus creating a “home away from home” sense for all Vincent Academy children. Academic support is built into the extended day program in the form of tutoring, enrichment classes and homework assistance.  

Vincent Academy utilizes the Resposive Classroom approach to create a friendly and resilient school culture.  Through explicit instruction, students develop emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and social skills, and the self-awareness necessary to play and work in harmony with others.  As students gain these valuable life skills, they contribute to a positive school climate that encourages academic and social learning.

Finally, taking care of the physical and emotional wellbeing of students is important to maintaining a positive school culture that enables students to focus on learning. Healthy meals – breakfast, lunch and snack – are provided to Vincent Academy students through Revolution Foods.  Cooperative physical activities are emphasized during recess, in physical education classes, and through sports teams and the use of nearby community recreational facilities.

Family Support

Vincent Academy supports the child in the context of the family and provides a robust program of education and support for parents, including a family resource center, parenting classes, a financial education program and a health education program. Additionally, Vincent Academy provides health prevention and screening services and, when appropriate, provides referrals for family support services and counseling.