Our Philosophy

At Vincent Academy, we want all of our students to become self-motivated, competent, and lifelong learners.

The school program honors the whole child and therefore emphasizes foundational knowledge, critical thinking skills, artistic exploration and learning applications within real-world contexts.

Vincent Academy is committed to supporting students to grow into their leadership capabilities by developing their talents and skills and helping students to recognize the gift of community.

Our Approach

Vincent Academy offers a personalized program in an environment that is joyful and conducive to learning.

High Expectations

Vincent Academy implements a program specifically designed to foster high expectations. In explicit and implicit communications, students are given the message that it is effective effort that determines success. School staff intentionally convey the sense that student learning is of the utmost importance and is deserving of great attention and care.

Small Class Sizes

A small school with small class sizes ensures that each student receives the individualized attention needed to grow and develop optimally. Each student is viewed as a unique individual with particular learning needs and preferences.

Extended Hours and Support

A full-year program ensures that students are actively engaged to their learning throughout the entire year without the lengthy gaps where learning “slippage” can occur.  Vincent Academy is open 11 hours per day, with extended hours in the morning before school and in the evening after the day program has concluded, thus creating a “home away from home.” Academic support is built into the extended day program in the form of tutoring, enrichment classes and homework assistance.

Emotional Well-Being

Through explicit instruction, students develop emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and social skills, and the self-awareness necessary to play and work in harmony with others.  This contributes to a positive school climate that encourages academic and social learning.

Physical Well-Being

Finally, taking care of the physical wellbeing of students is important to maintaining a positive school culture that enables students to focus on learning. Healthy meals – breakfast, lunch and supper – are provided to Vincent Academy students through Revolution Foods.  Cooperative physical activities are emphasized during recess, in physical education classes, and through sports teams and the use of nearby community recreational facilities.

Family Support

Vincent Academy supports the child in the context of the family and provides a robust program of education and support for parents, including a family resource center, parenting classes, a financial education program and a health education program.


Rosette Costello


Sonia Cesar

Extended Learning Director

Sheena Shirakhon


Monica Rasmussen


Anzella Jones


Chris Nguon

Student & Family Services Director

Lauren D’Alessandro

Kindergarten Grade Teacher

Kelly Hurley

1st Grade Teacher

Mosa Mahlanza

2nd Grade Teacher

Ryan Stone

5th grade Teacher

Ehler Orngard

Office Manager

Desmond Fambrini

Kindergarten Teacher

Genevieve Clark

1st Grade Teacher

Kayla Haines

3rd grade Teacher

Sam Weinberg

Art Teacher

Helio Rodrigues

Office Manager

Rachel Albrecht

K grade Teacher

Summer Kennedy

1st grade Teacher

Kerstin Groop

4th grade teacher

Joshua Gray

Technology Specialist

Emily Wittig

Kindergarten Teacher

Ranelle Estrellado

2nd grade Teacher

Nick DeHaes

5th Grade Teacher

Brenda Nixon

Instructional Specialist

Stephanie Woods

Instructional Specialist

Anabelle Bridgwater

Resource Specialist

Elizabeth Woodson

Instructional Specialist

Luica Calthorpe

Instructional Specialist

Eboni Booth

Instructional Specialist

Dannese Prince

Instructional Specialist

Dariane Beamon

Instructional Specialist

Saalihah Mays

Instructional Specialist

Aaron York


Douglas Simmons

School Safety

Ranata Smith

Recess Team

Lisa Jordan

Office Manager

John Jackson


Takia Hooker

Recess Team 

Sabrina Young

School Meal Team

Board of Directors

To reach the Board of Directors, please send an email to vaboard@vincentacademy.org.

Jean Driscoll

Board President, Adjunct Professor Holy Names University

Gayle Quinn

Retired Health Services Professional

Natalie Portis

Marriage and Family Therapist

Maisha Wilson

Board Treasurer, Director of Finance, Connor Group

Krystal Bowen

Partner, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter and Hampton LLP

Cathy Greenwold

Executive Vice President, TMG Partners


Our Board of Directors generally meets on the first Monday of the month, at 5:30 pm at Vincent Academy.

The Finance Committee generally meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 4:30 pm at Vincent Academy.  The Finance Committee does not meet in July and August.

Governance, Education Policy, and Audit Committees meet as needed throughout the year.

All committee and regular board meetings are included on our school calendar.

Please click here to view documentation for past and upcoming meetings of the VA Board of Directors.

Key Vincent Academy Documents

Vincent Academy’s financials are audited annually by a Certified Public Accounting firm.

2015-2016 Financial Report

2013-2014 Financial Report

2012-2013 Financial Report

2011-2012 Financial Report

Education Protection Account (EPA)

2017-2018 EPA Resolution

2016-2017 EPA Expenditure Report

2016-2017 EPA Resolution

2015-2016 EPA Expenditure Report

2015-2016 EPA Resolution

2014-2015 EPA Expenditure Report

The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a guiding document for all California public schools.

Year 1 LCAP 2014-2015

Year 2 LCAP 2015-2016

Year 3 LCAP 2016-2017

Year 4 LCAP 2017-2018

The Vincent Academy charter petition was approved by the Oakland Unified School District in August 2010 and renewed in 2016.

Vincent Academy 2016 Charter Petition

Vincent Academy 2010 Charter Petition

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

2016-2017 SARC

2015-2016 SARC

Educator Effectiveness Categorical Funds

2015-2016 Resolution


Vincent Academy Bylaws

2016 Parcel Tax Election

Student Handbook